Ľ Solutions

Ankora's technology can be applied to solve a wide range of Internet bandwidth problems.

Service providers are faced with increased bandwidth costs from emerging content distribution methods for large files. ISP's can deploy Ankora's technology in a caching configuration to stop or even reduce increases in bandwidth costs. Installing an Ankora server is as simple as unpacking it and plugging it into the ISPs network. Once installed, the autonomous features of the Ankora system take over. Repeated large file transfers over the ISPís external Internet connection are virtually eliminated. For most ISPs this can translate into bandwidth savings of up to 20%.

Many current network efficiency products are limited to OC3 speeds without additional expensive hardware. Ankoraís technology is scalable, so even the largest ISPs are supported with ease. Server connection speeds up to 1Gbps are possible.

As a service to our customers, bandwidth savings can be verified prior to purchase of the Ankora system. To verify these savings a monitoring program can be installed for a short time. This monitoring program will determine how much bandwidth and money will be saved by the purchase of an Ankora server.